RPPL Quality Assurance

The laboratory has a well documented Quality Assurance program based on good laboratory practices. We perform testing in the laboratory using standard operating procedures and world class equipment.

Our Quality Assurance team understands that accurate clinical data is key to maintaining the integrity of your research and for the well-being of each subject.The division has established quality assurance principles, and quality control systems such as verification of process quality by a ‘Standard Quality Control Sample’ for all tests on daily basis.

In addition to this, the lab has enrolled for EQAS (also known as proficiency scheme). EQAS refers to a system of objectively checking laboratory results by means of an external agency including comparison of a laboratory’s results with those of other Laboratories, the main objective being the establishment of truths.

We currently participate with the following agencies for EQAS for the departments as shown against each.

  3. CMC, Vellore
  4. AIIMS
  • Clinical Biochemistry
  • Immunochemistry
  • Clinical Biochemistry
  • Haematology
RPPL Quality Assurance

All specimens are sent at regular/ pre-determined intervals, to these agencies for assessment where the Assessing laboratory assesses all observations reported by the Referring /participant laboratories within greed time limits by comparing the results with target values determined by a measurement procedure of highest meteorological order, a reference procedure or with the mean or median of all measurements, as appropriate.

The Assessing laboratory studies the problem of laboratories that show unsatisfactory performance, and guides laboratories about the remedial actions. Thus, EQAS aims at improving the performance of laboratories by way of education and standardization taking into account the progress of development.