RPPL Prerequisits & Conditions


We are looking for dynamic individuals with attitude for business and acumen for marketing and desire to be associated with a healthcare industry. Without any entry barrier of investments or prior knowledge of diagnostic services delivery, under-employed or unemployed youths are welcome to explore the options of doing business with a branded healthcare company for enhanced job satisfaction.

Franchise... TYPE - 1 (Entrepreneures) :

Largely run by an entrepreneur.

Cannot do tests on their own; exclusive for RPPL works only.

Pay Rs. 25,000 as registration fee (non-refundable).

Pay Rs. 50,000 as refundable deposit.

Works on behalf of the company.

Induction training (compulsory).

In the present time of growing customer awareness a common man who is adequately literate looks for branded or accredited laboratory service and that too at affordable cost. Also, with fierce competition, escalating costs of reagents and instruments, cost of expertise in manpower, it is wise for a hospitals and nursing homes to identifying a cost effective way to cater to the need of quality laboratory reports. An ideal solution to this day to day requirement is to outsource specialised tests to such an associate who is a reputed name in the industry. Considering this requirement we have designed a suitable package for Hospitals and Nursing homes.

RPPL Prerequisits & Conditions

Franchise... TYPE - 2 (Laboratory) :

Run by a laboratory and a hospitals.

No registration fees ; only rolling advance sample processing charges.

Company deals with them directly.

Reporting directly.

Including training optional.

A franchisee should preferably be a graduate with good communication skills..

Age is no bar but He / She should be ready to take up full time franchisee operation of the company.

The application should also be accompanied by a location map of the place and the city where the premises is located.

A franchisee should possess a covered space measuring > 100Sq.ft. In a centrally located commercial area and preferably near a prominant hospital.

A franchisee must possess the facility to collect, store and transport various specimen which are sent to the RPPL for processing.

A franchisee must have a telephone, a computer with colour printer, a modem and an internet connection to download reports.

RPPL Prerequisits & Conditions